With the #COVID19 case rate down to 5 per 100k and down to 8% of recent peak, and test positivity on the decline, GAUTENG has technically exited it's #Omicron wave 👏

Almost 240k confirmed cases, myself included, over ~76 days 🤒

I hope to never have to share this graph again! https://t.co/iqHAbyc9iL
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9) it seems #COVID19 death counting continues even after 6 weeks after #Omicron hit South Africa 🇿🇦— the backfilling of deaths is really slow — wondering if it’s SA data systems or if Omicron is a delayed effect virus. https://t.co/1mIPTVVnB7

शहर में सब कुछ तो चालू है फिर कोचिंग संस्थान बंद क्यों है??
#COVID19 #private_teachers @NitishKumar @PMOIndia https://t.co/iHfpnVVxtE

8 persons who earlier tested positive for Covid19 in Nagaland have tested negative in their second test.
This was announced by Shri. Mmhonlumo Kikon, Spokesperson for Covid19, Government of Nagaland.

#Nagaland #WeTheNagas #Covid19 #Dimapur #Kohima https://t.co/W2pdSkYjO0
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Mengejutkan. @PDRMsia Terengganu dedahkan terdapat individu yang sanggup disuntik dengan air suling asalkan dapat memperolehi sijil vaksinasi #COVID19 daripada seorang doktor klinik swasta di Marang. 1/3

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